Designing Presence: Mobile Weather and the N75

Yesterday I discovered just how useful having a solid connect to the “real web” can be. My partner and I were riding back to Seattle from the Methow Valley in north central Washington. We were about to head up the gorgeous North Cascades Highway (which summits at 5477 feet) and were wondering about rain gear. I went to and shrieked with glee to see that I could access doppler radar images with my Nokia N75. With a couple of clicks, I could see visuals of the cloud activity in western and central Washington — and make an informed choice about the rain gear (unneeded until the other side of the pass.) Later I was able to discern quite accurately that the rain in Darrington, WA would end before we hit Lynnwood. This kind of real-time specificity is amazing when one is moving through the landscape, exposed to the elements.

The REAL mobile web is here.

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