My friend Cass quietly started a blog last year. She informed me of this several weeks ago and I began to follow her posts. I’ve been reading many blogs on many topics since 2002 or so, but have never blogged myself because I didn’t believe I had anything worthwhile to add to the public forum. Yet, I am a diligent digital consumer and a firm believer in the power of the web to connect. So whether my words are “public” — or more of a method to organize and synthesize my ideas and thoughts — the moment has come to extend my persona to the web.

I’ve named this blog “Designing Presence” because the words describe two practices I’m engaged in: meditation and design. I’ve been a designer for quite awhile; a meditator for just over a year. As my meditation practice has grown deeper and taken root, I’m beginning to see how it impacts the whole of my life, including my profession. Through the conscious act of blogging I want to share how meditation is touching my design practice. How deepening my awareness of the moment helps me to develop deeper empathy for my user experience work — for instance — or helps to still my mind so that a solution to a problem has the space to spring forth.

I also want to notice how meditation is designing presence in my daily life. I recently attended my first (five day) silent meditation retreat taught by Heather Martin. One idea she discussed is this: We get “better” at what we practice, and each day, each moment we are practicing our lives. So what am I practicing today? Compassion? Curiousity? Judgement? Impatience? I find this to be a powerful way to conceptualize how thoughts and emotions shape experience each day.

Meditation grounds me in the awareness of the moment; Over time the practice is translating to the rest of my life that unfolds “off the cushion.” How? Well that’s one thing I want to blog about.

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  1. seacat said,

    May 23, 2007 at 4:19 pm

    Great intro–I’m looking forward to following this!

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